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Welcome to a small family campsite "Suza of Baranya"!
We are situated in Suza, a small village in the heart of Baranya, surrounded by the Danube, vineyards and vast fields. In this enjoyable wine place everyone can discover something for themselves – whether it is a spectacular cuisine, the finest wines of continental Croatia, adventure trips, a breathtaking nature or, simply, peace and relaxation.

Campsite Coordinates: 45.785677:18.782034


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Additional Camp Offerings

  • nocna
    Night lighting
  • ograda
    The fence around the entire camp
  • wc
    Chemical toilets (trocadero)
  • sanitarne jedinice
    Sanitary units: male / female
  • umivaonici
    Toilets, Showers, Wash basins - hot / cold water
  • vanjski
    Outdoor Laundry Sinks
  • posduje
    Outdoor Dish Wash Sinks
  • posduje
    Baranyian breakfast
  • posduje
    Traditional dishes (pre-order only)
  • posduje
    Fresh vegetables from our garden (for sale)
  • posduje
    Refreshing beverages and coffee available for sale
  • posduje
    Wine tasting in our own wine cellar
  • posduje
    Phone, Free Wi-Fi Internet
  • posduje
    Pets Friendly
  • posduje
    Playground for Kids
  • posduje
    Languages: Croatian, Hungarian, English, German, French


About us

Suza Baranje

The campsite is located beside the D212 state road, next to the Pannonian Peace Trail and the Danube Cycle Path. Campsite Coordinates are 45.785677, 18.782034.

Sanitary units at the camp include separate male and female facilities, showers and wash-basins with hot and cold water, as well as the Trocadero chemical toilets. Outdoor laundry sinks, outdoor wash dish sinks, as well as the gazebo, lounge area, barbecue and cooking area and playground are all at your disposal. Pets are welcome, too.

If you will have any problems with your bicycles, there is also a mini bicycle repair shop where you can have all minor repairs, adjustments, and maintenance done.

Within the campsite, you have the opportunity to purchase organic, domestic produced vegetables, which you yourself can choose and pick directly from our garden. You can also pre-oder traditional dishes, while refreshing beverages or a cup of coffee are always available. We highly recommend that you try the original Baranyan breakfast. Finally, do not miss the wine tasting in your host's superb wine cellar.

Telephone and free wi-fi are accesible throughout the whole camp. Communication with the guests can be established in Croatian, Hungarian, English, German and French.

Maršala Tita 94/b, 31309 Suza
D212 state road, next to the Pannonian Peace Trail and the Danube Cycle Path

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Wine Cellar


Camping price list

38kn ( 5 € )
Children under the age of 7
Children ages 7 to 14
19kn ( 2,5 € )
19kn ( 2,5 € )
Camping pitch
76kn ( 10 € )
Tent pitch
38kn ( 5€ )
Rent a Tent for 2 people
38kn ( 5€ )
Secured bicycle storage space
19kn ( 2,5 € )

Accomodation Price list

Overnight stay 1/1
175kn ( 24 € )
Overnight stay 2/1
310kn ( 42 € )
Overnight stay with breakfast 1/1
195kn ( 27 € )
Overnight stay with breakfast 2/1
350kn ( 48 € )
Children under the age of 7
Overnight stay for children ages 7 - 14
120kn ( 16 € )
Overnight stay with breakfast for children ages 7 - 14
140kn ( 19 € )

Additional compulsory costs

Sojourn Tax
5kn ( 0,66€ )
Children under the age of 12 are exempt from paying.
Young people from the age of 12 to 18 have a 50% discount.


Maršala Tita 94/b, 31309 Suza

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